Monday, August 08, 2005

Brand Spankin' New Post!

Yay for inaugural posting!

Its supposed to be summer down here. Its more like a slightly milder incarnation of hell - weatherwise at least. Not conducive to knitting. Or knitting friendliness. Most of the time people see me knitting somewhere and I get stories about how their grandma knits or their aunt's friend in Phoenix crocheted a doily back in 1973. I get alot of people wanting to know what I'm making and how do I do that. Not in the summer. Almost overnight, people begin giving me curious glances bordering on incredulous. You can almost see people asking themselves "Is she insane? Knitting is for winter!"

I don't care.

I stay connected with my grandmother through knitting. I weather ribbing from my friends about how slowly I knit things and almost in the same breath, ask me what I'm going to knit for them. Its my own little culture. My relief from a world gone insane with hurry and rush. Anyway. I've got some stuff in progress. But no pictures as of yet. I'll work on that part.

Until then...